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Celebrate a Life with Bright & Colorful Funeral Flowers

Celebrate a life with bright-colored funeral flowers it's a great way to honor a loved one who lived a full and happy life. Delivered by a local florist.


You may not think a funeral is the correct space for showcasing fabulous and bright blooms, but it can be the perfect selection for a family member who lived life to the fullest and strived to always make those around him or her feel better. If your recently passed loved one fits this description, they'd probably rather make their memorial service a celebration of life, rather than a time of mourning. Using bright colored flowers is a great way to honor that wish.

Bright-colorful flowers at a celebration of life

Colors like blue, orange, pink, red and lavender are all hues that can really enhance a space, yet still in a classy and tasteful way. Despite your unorthodox color selection, it may be nice to have the lilacs, roses, daisies and more arranged in a more traditional style. All of your flower selections can be crafted into various funeral-appropriate bouquets including casket sprays that lay gracefully on top of a closed casket and funeral wreaths that can be displayed at the service. Having to use mellow or muted flower bouquets may not fully represent their lives, which is why it may be a better option for you to consider a cheerier mix of bright flowers instead.

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